The foundation is engaged in different activities ranging from book presentations to public debates on various topics. The goal is to remember the past to build the future.

The Archive, recognised by the State to be of considerable historical importance, since “it is a noteworthy source of historical information on the Catholic political and trade union movements in Piemonte and throughout Italy”, holds the papers of Carlo Donat-Cattin, Alessandro Favero, Carlo Trabucco, Carlo Chiavazza, Giovanni Battista Marocco, the Piemonte Section of the U.C.S.I. (Unione Cattolica Stampa Italiana, Italian Catholic Press Union), the ADES (Associazione Amici e Discendenti degli Esuli Giuliani, Istriani, Fiumani, Dalmati. Association of friends and descendants of the Italian exiles) Archive, the historical archive of the political parties Democrazia Cristiana (The Christian Democrats) and Partito Popolare Piemontese (The Piemontese People’s Party) and of a number of local politicians. The material held includes significant documents regarding the local and national social, religious and political history.
Users can consult the documents in both printed and computerized forms.

The Library currently owns around 20,000 volumes on the history of the Catholic movement (nineteenth and twentieth centuries) and is regularly updated. There is also a reading room with historical and contemporary specialist publications. The contents of the library are currently being catalogued on computer, under the national library system. The library collection has recently been enriched with the Carlo Donat-Cattin personal book collection donated by his relatives. The foundation publishes the Acts of its congresses and workshops, journals and the inventory of the archives.

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